Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dear friend,
recently I saw the change in ur eyes.
I saw the best of u fading away..
ur smile..ur speech and ur laugh..

Dear friend..
I wanted to ask u so badly..
but im afraid it will hurt u..
I try to pretend everything is the same..
I try to act as cool as i could..
Like always..

Dear friend,
dont u think a bit of ur burden worth me to handle..
dont u think im the best candidate for this..
dont u think that im more than willing to do this..
dont u think, this at least make me stop wondering..

Dear friend,
As a friend,
im hurt when sharing is not ur option
im hurt when i see the pain in ur eyes..
im hurt even more when all that i can do..
is only to see it happen..

Dear friend,
No matter what, I will always stand right beside u
Even when life is just as miserable as it could be
Even when u dont know..
And think that no one understand u..
I will always be there..

The truth from my heart that keep breaking for seeing u falling apart day by day..

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